Future Proofing

Too little attention is being paid to the long-term sustainability of new/remodeled buildings (shelter) in a changing climate according to a new study that makes recommendations for ‘future-proofing’ best practice. No longer is building just for reduction of your building’s greenhouse footprint enough, future proofing requires anticipating there will many more mentally and physically impaired occupants in need of a future shelter as the result of future toxic air including the rapid rise of non ionizing radiation, wind, fire and earthquakes. Because of these burgeoning environmental factors, plus the tremendous savings resulting from the proper consideration of them, the motto ‘building it right the first time’, must become the norm instead of the exception. Mark’s Mitzvah’s owner’s family came to this country in this tradition-members of the Bauhaus School of Architecture. I was intentionally taught by such architects from an early age – then honed in private high schools colleges and work experiences for over 50 years. Everybody deserves future shelter more than ever!