Accessibility Renovations

Mark’s Mitzvah’s is Here to Help With Your Home Improvements in Temecula, CA

We’re the professionals for accessibility renovations & wheelchair accessible homes

Do you worry about getting around your house? Is it hard to climb the stairs? Do you trip over uneven thresholds?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may need accessibility renovations. Mark’s Mitzvah’s helps you improve your mobility throughout your home.

As you age, it gets harder to move around. You find yourself needing certain accommodations. Our team turns Temecula, CA-area houses into wheelchair accessible homes.

Our accessibility renovations include:
  • Building ramps
  • Installing lift systems on stairs
  • Making thresholds easy to pass over
  • Enlarging doorways
  • Creating accessible bathrooms
  • Making accessible kitchens

We create wheelchair accessible homes so you can move easily. Don’t struggle each day; call us today for a free estimate on accessibility renovations.


Stop those pesky sneezes

You suffer from severe allergies. You can’t stand any sort of dust or toxin in the air. Unfortunately, your house is the ideal spot for many of these allergens.

Make your home allergen-free by contacting Mark’s Mitzvah’s today. Our experts replace the materials in your Temecula, CA home to eliminate toxins.

When you’re sensitive to toxins, chemicals and allergens, it can be hard to breathe easy. Let our professionals rid your home of toxins.